Business during Covid-19

After much struggles, we've finally received the first batch of dresses for our next collection! It's definitely a trying time for all of us and we just thought that it would be good for us to pen down what we have gone through during this period and use this channel to let you girls understand us better. 

As many of you might already known, Be You Co. was founded by 2 chub girls who got frustrated with finding trendy and comfortable clothing in their size. Thus, Be You Co. was created. Starting a business is not easy but sustaining a business through times like this is even harder. 

The timeline for production was heavily disrupted and there were delays as factories in China stopped working for months. We couldn't even bring in fabric swatches back then. Just when we thought we could get things going after CNY, everything came to a halt.

We panicked, we were worried, we felt sorry that our customers were anticipating for more to come, but we just couldn't for not move on with our planned new collection(s). We sourced high and low for alternatives- other countries and local. At last, we found someone who can fulfil our requirements but here comes another problem - fabric. As many might know, China is one of the main supplier from China, and alot of online stores depend on this supply. So, despite finding the manufacturer, we still had to source for fabric. 

We sourced for fabric from other countries too we were met with many other problems - high cost and poor quality are just the more common ones out of the many problems we faced. In the end, we managed to find a local supplier. (Many thanks to our savior who told us about them!) 

Working with a new fabric supplier and manufacturer is a whole new experience. We have gotten far more hands-on for our new collection(s) as compared to the first. Every detail was handpicked by us, right down to the type and size of the buttons and the lining. Feedbacks given by our customers were very useful for us! With the feedbacks, we know what you ladies look for and we paid extra attention to those areas. (So thankful that many of you are willing to share your feedback and help us improve. Please keep them coming!) 

We are really excited to launch the new products but as I'm writing this, we are still confined in our own homes due to the implementation of the Circuit Breaker. But thankfully, through this period, we have been receiving messages from some fo you and fellow small business owners to hang in there and keep going; and that really means a lot to us. And with that, we really want to do our best by putting up work and products that best represent our brand. 

Hopefully by the time you ladies are reading this post, the CB has ended and we have successfully launched our new collection! 

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